The Management of Thyroid Tumors in 2021 and Beyond

Posted On 2021-07-07 17:23:04

It has been our honor to collaborate with a renowned group of expert thyroid surgeons, clinicians, and thought leaders across the world to bring you this special edition of Annals of Thyroid; The Management of Thyroid Tumors in 2021 and Beyond. In this journal we have attempted to bring some of the most exciting (and controversial!) topics in head and neck endocrine surgery together for your review. We have divided this edition into three general sections: Current and Emerging Therapies, Remote-Access Surgery, and Computer and Technology Innovations. Within each section we have recruited those experts who are passionate about their particular topic to teach us where the field currently is and what the future holds.

Welcome to this special edition of AOT: The Management of Thyroid Tumors in 2021 and Beyond!
Jeremy D. Richmon, Jonathon O. Russell

Current and Emerging Therapies
Nerve monitoring review
Vaninder K. Dhillon, Catherine F. Sinclair, Joseph Scharpf

Active surveillance for well-differentiated thyroid cancer
Ahmed Elnahla, Abdallah S Attia, Emmanuelle Ruiz, Scott Mayer, Grace Lee, Emad Kandil

Radiofrequency for benign thyroid nodules—critical review of the literature
Leonardo Guimaraes Rangel, Erivelto Volpi, Jose Higino Steck, Leonardo M. Volpi, Jonathon Russell, Haris Muhammad, Ralph P. Tufano

Autofluorescence imaging: a tool for intraoperative mapping of the parathyroid gland
Sung Won Kim, Hyoung Shin Lee, Yikeun Kim, Kang Dae Lee

Novel targeted therapies for the treatment of advanced thyroid cancer: a review
Christopher J. Britt, Eric Thorpe

Remote-Access Surgery
All roads lead to the thyroid gland: review of two popular “scarless” thyroidectomy approaches
Marissa Mencio, Gustavo Fernandez-Ranvier, William B. Inabnet, Hyunsuk Suh

Individual patient and population-level eligibility for transoral endocrine surgery
Raymon H. Grogan

Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy-vestibular approach: starting a program in an inner-city hospital
Victoria Banuchi, Kerri-Anne Vlaming

The intuitive da Vinci single port surgical system and feasibility of transoral thyroidectomy vestibular approach
Mohammad Shaear, Jonathon O. Russell, Samuel Steck, Rui Han Liu, Lena W. Chen, Christopher R. Razavi, Ralph P. Tufano

Computer and Technology Innovations
Patient satisfaction and telemedicine in thyroid and parathyroid diseases: a review
Estelle Eun Hae Chang, Christopher J. Britt

Emerging social media trends in thyroid and parathyroid surgery
Laurel Barrios, Evan Walgama, Yufei Chen, Wendy L. Sacks, Allen S. Ho

Simulations and simulators in head and neck endocrine surgery
Christopher R. Razavi, Ved Tanavde, Mohammad Shaear, Jeremy D. Richmon, Jonathon O. Russell

Artificial intelligence for thyroid nodule ultrasound image analysis
Young Jun Chai, Junho Song, Mohammad Shaear, Ka Hee Yi

Robotic autonomy in endocrine surgery
Emily K. Funk, Florian Richter, Won Seo Park, Michael C. Yip, Ryan K. Orosco

Interviews with the Authors
Dr. Vaninder K. Dhillon: my thoughts on nerve monitoring

Dr. Catherine F. Sinclair: my thoughts on continuous intraoperative neuromonitoring using the laryngeal adductor reflex

Dr. Joseph Scharpf: my opinions on nerve monitoring and anterior laryngeal electrodes

Dr. Kang Dae Lee: my views and stories on thyroid surgery as a surgeon

Dr. Christopher Britt: my thoughts on telemedicine, patient satisfaction and tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Dr. Gustavo G. Fernandez-Ranvier: my stories and thoughts as an endocrine surgeon

Dr. Raymon H. Grogan: transoral endocrine surgery

Dr. Victoria Banuchi: my thoughts on starting a program of endoscopic transoral thyroidectomy vestibular approach

Prof. Young Jun Chai: artificial intelligence for thyroid ultrasound image analysis

Dr. Ryan K. Orosco: robotic surgery will make surgery safer and help to enable challenging procedures

The series “The Management of Thyroid Tumors in 2021 and Beyond” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Thyroid without any sponsorship or funding. Jeremy D. Richmon and Jonathon O Russell are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.