Hongqing Xi, MD, PhD (General Surgery)

Department of General Surgery, Chinese PLA General Hospital, 28 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing China

Dr. Xi has been engaged in clinical medicine, teaching and related research work in general surgery for 10 years, and has been committed to the molecular mechanism research related to the occurrence and development of gastric cancer. He is mainly good at thyroid diseases, gastrointestinal tumors, clinical diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, as well as minimally invasive surgical treatment of digestive tract tumors.

Dr. Xi received her bachelor and master degree from The Taishan Medical University, 619 Changcheng Road, Tanan City, Shandong Province from 2002 to 2007, and got his Master and PhD degree from Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (Beijing, China) during 2007-2013.

Currently, Dr. Xi has done some work in the clinical and basic research of gastric cancer, made a series of achievements. He presided over three research projects, such as, National Nature Science Foundation of China. He has published 2 academic monographs and 60 papers. Of these papers, 34 papers were indexed by Science Citation Index (SCI). Based on the above work, He achieved the 1st Prize of Military Medical Achievement Award, the Beijing Science and Technology New Star and the outstanding military doctoral graduates of the whole army. 

Terms of Appointment: Jul 2019 - Jun 2020