Focused Issue on Transoral Thyroidectomy

Posted On 2018-06-28 07:07:12
Focused Issue: Transoral Thyroidectomy
Guest Editors: Anuwong Angoon, Hoon Yub Kim, Ralph P. Tufano and Gianlorenzo Dionigi 

Future directions of transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach
Wen Tian, Anuwong Angkoon, Hoon Yub Kim, Ralph P. Tufano, Gianlorenzo Dionigi

Review Article 
Indications and contraindications to transoral thyroidectomy
Christopher R. Razavi, Jonathon O. Russell

Pre- and post-operative patient care for transoral thyroidectomy
Giuseppe Navarra, Vincenzo Bartolo, Antonio Giacomo Rizzo, Massimo Marullo, Antonino Cancellieri, Antonina Catalfamo, Francesca Pia Pergolizzi, Giuseppinella Melita, Gianlorenzo Dionigi

Surgical anatomy for transoral endoscopic thyroid surgery through vestibular approach (TOETVA)
Maolin Zhang, Qiuping Xie, Yong Wang, Ping Wang

Central neck dissection via the transoral approach
Christopher R. Razavi, Akeweh Fondong, Ralph P. Tufano, Jonathon O. Russell

Energy based devices for transoral thyroidectomy
Che-Wei Wu, Antonio Giacomo Rizzo, Vincenzo Bartolo, Francesca Pia Pergolizzi, Massimo Marullo, Antonino Cancellieri, Giuseppinella Melita, Antonina Catalfamo, Gianlorenzo Dionigi

Neural monitoring in transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy
Tzu-Yen Huang, Antonina Catalfamo, Che-Wei Wu, Feng-Yu Chiang, Gianlorenzo Dionigi

Anesthesiologist perspectives for the transoral approach
Alessandro Bacuzzi, Luca Guzzetti, Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Luca Menegaldo, Valeria Alicino, Guido Nicola Zanghì, Francesco Freni, Salvatore Cuffari

Instrumentation and technological future directions for transoral thyroidectomy
Jeremy D. Richmon, Ralph P. Tufano