Pre- and post-operative patient care for transoral thyroidectomy

Giuseppe Navarra, Vincenzo Bartolo, Antonio Giacomo Rizzo, Massimo Marullo, Antonino Cancellieri, Antonina Catalfamo, Francesca Pia Pergolizzi, Giuseppinella Melita, Gianlorenzo Dionigi


Endoscopic thyroidectomy (ET) allows surgeons to remove a thyroid tumor from a remote site, while providing excellent results from a cosmetic viewpoint. Minimally invasive surgery is widely employed for the treatment of thyroid diseases. Several minimal access approaches to the thyroid gland have been described. The commonly performed surgeries have been endoscopic lobectomies. We have performed ET trans orally by the inferior vestibular approach. Our preliminary results indicate that ET performed via transoral is a technically feasible and safe procedure with excellent cosmetic results for patients with benign thyroid tumors. In this report, we have summarized a focused on the pre- and post-operative patient care of this procedure.